Live view offers users the possibility of remote supplier monitoring, which means that they can gain access to live stream from a computer, tablet computer and smart-phone anywhere. The users are able to monitor business operations regardless of the location.

Service / Components Description

Live Stream

Live Stream 24/7


Recording of the Live Stream
Scheduled recording or Non-stop 24/7 recording


Camera Authentication / full access control for dedicated users (stakeholders)
Camera Connection with your Fix IP or with Dynamic DNS Service.


Reporting / Inbuild Issue Reporting Tool (e.g. Buyer/CSR Manager to Supplier and Supplier to Buyer/CSR)
Severity Level and User related Reporting

Assignments, Permissions, Roles, Taks, Operations


Snapshot from the Live StreamSnapshot database

Secure logging / System activitv is registered, in particular what users of the system do.

Archiving / All relevant audit information are kept for a set period

Accountability / In the data have a known source and a know author. No actions are performed by anonymous individuals.

Non-repudiation: information are logged in a way that no user could say that the information is invalid.

Auditing / provides conclusive evidence in litigation cases, to reconstruct the decisions and potential mistakes that were made in manufacturing a product or delivering a service.