Everything you need

suppliertransparency.com offers users the possibility of remote supplier monitoring, which means that they can gain access to live stream from a computer, tablet computer and smart-phone anywhere. The users are able to monitor business operations regardless of the location.

Service / Components Description


  • the willingness to reduce risks and total costs
  • the willingness to eliminate Child Labour on supplier facilities
  • a list of your defined suppliers
  • willingness to raise Compliance and governance
  • willingness to enhance the coverage and effectiveness of social responsibility on the supply-chain
  • willingness to create more or higher credibility


  • drive to sell more of your products today and in the future
  • the willingness to reach new markets
  • a ST Camera and
  • a SupplierTranspareny.com subscription plan


  • Camera Authentication / full access control for dedicated users (stakeholders)
  • Camera Connection with your Fix IP or with Dynamic DNS Service.